$10 BUCKS ONLY 100 MADE!!!

$10 BUCKS ONLY 100 MADE!!!

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made with the most expensivisest gold flocking wit a superdope fitt / sexxy on every body! 

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 The perfect shirt for…

...the mailman who crumples ur mail into the slot like hes never done ths before in his life and u wanna say somethin but ur too scared to talk to him, so u leave him this shirt

...ur dog walker who barely makes it on time and leaves after feeding ur dog wayyyy too many treats, and u just wanna make sure ur dog doesnt get too fat, but social interaction is scary so u give them this shirt

...the 16 year old who delivers your pizza at 2am and just sighs the whole time, and u want to just shake him and say “its okat we all ahd to do this please just giv me pizaza i need food in my frikin belly” so give him a shirt

...the guy who bags ur groceries but has one eye tht looks to the right so u cant tell if hes lookin at u or behind u, and u jus want him to look at u but if u say that u might hav to explain y, so jus giv him a shirt

...tht person who u matched with on tinder 3 months ago and sent a message and was left on read who is now sittin next to u at the bar and ur trynna not make it werid but only u remember them, giv them ths shirt

...ur exes new date who u accidentally liked a photo from 2016 on their instagram and now u know theyre talking abt u, but ur ex is the crazy one not u, ur the normal one, so send them a shirt

...the fast food worker who said enjoy ur food and u said u too, and u cried urself to sleep every night since but tht was in 2013 and u need to get over it, so send them this tshirt

...the person u asked to dance with at the middle school dance but isnted of themsayin anything they just ran away and u had to stand at the endge of the circle lookin around pretendin tht u arent dead inside but u were, and wen ur mom picked u up an asked how the dance was u said “fine” and she said “what do u mean” and u said “it was fine i dnt wanna talk about it” and then u blasted death cab for cutie will sittin in ur bed cryin until 9pm becuz thats ur bedtime and u hadto cry quietly, send them ths shirt

...that time u got in an elevator with XXX celebirty an u thought about wat to say to them and u were gunna quote the movie they were in but u thought too long an then u told a friend an found out it was the wrong person n u stayed up all night think abt if u had said somethin, send them this shirt

...wen ur riding on the train an u see an atractiv personan u keep starin and u go past ur stop and hav to get off and go around the tracks to the otherside n go back and it wasnt wortht the 25 minute delay becuz u had a sueflay goin and u ruined it n u cant just start again becuz its too muhc of a heartbreak, buy yourself a shirt to say sorry

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